Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Traffic Report

z.zebra.N Korea.guns on the horse again.we need to form a long-term working group to deal with the eventual reunification of korea.
y.yellow.flag of S.Vietnam.how CIA worked there and formed after WWII.they are being trained as assassins again.the culture/routine gets entrenched and it is hard to change.CIA is information.Foreign information./tangent.curious how views on how we view us vs. them. They have less rights, even though "they" are human beings too.usually it breaks down to "they" always have less rights, are the poor "they" countries. "They" poor segment of our society.if you believe the Word.pick any holy Word.then the treatment of this segment reflects the whole./How does the superOrganism deal with a part of itself? excise and burn or cajoled back to health with ointments?
x.xylophone.the many colored bars like the technicolor of a 60's Austin Powers spy movie.again back to the spy business.it's failure at its core mission.information gathering on foreign "corporations". /tangents.do modern "corporations" also need CIA-type object?yes.they have them.what are their "killing" capabilities? (gov.com.org.net.de.ch.corporations)
w.wxyz.radio voice.sports.NCAA final winner.the whole story reminds me how randomness operatives.how someone gets/is given the ball if they are percieved as the viral vehicle.it is a model that works if the randomly selected person has the confidence.has the pusher.extrovert.give me the ball.and if I miss I will forget.get over.give me the ball.i shoot again./survivor bias.we forget the non-viral products.the ones who say give me the ball and miss.over and over.miss.because the defense was for whatever reason in sync that day to shut you down.It is all random when dealing with players who know how to play the game. AND we all know how to play the game.
v.vector.gun control again.has popular support.take main criticism.assualt rifle ban does nothing for gun violence.the real problem is hand guns.attenuating violence in city involves decreasing hand guns.but this is cuts close to the heart of the urban cowboy.his/her self identity.the one last place where e still thinks e has power.can still voice opposition with real force.to solve the problem gun reality we must provide an alternative voice that has real power.real force.what is that alternate? a voice a viscerally strong as guns? Christ. I don't know.
u.umbrella.head within the umbrella... I've lost the thread. I seem to be able to only get u deep.Must practice.train.once it is learned by the nondeclared movements then the regurgitation with be automatically reflected.

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