Wednesday, October 10, 2012


The elections are coming.
Why have we framed the debate as Sesame Street vs. Big Oil Tax subsidies?
Because it is easy to understand.
Why have I framed the 8M vs 4B dollars in spending cuts as an investment choice?
Because it frames it in terms my Right Hand can understand, and induce sympathy.
Value vs. Growth investing. What do you do in a secular bear market?

Why do we invest so much emotional content into a person/team/country?
We put so much of ourselves into them, whether they want us with them or not.
And we suffer when they/we lose.

I have stopped doing this.
It hurts too much when they lose. When they become too weak and disappear with age.
It is just a game, yet not a game of survival anymore. 
I've stopped following sport teams.
I've stopped assimilating my political leaders into me, making their success my own.
I have only so much emotional content.
I'd rather invest it in something else.