Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Traffic Report

traffic report.NPR.WXYZ station.
z.zebra.women hanging to bottom of the z trying to exchange.story about women giving letterhead envelope with address of her old home.lost.foreclosed. We hear her voice and feel the lost.hope and understand the risk she was taking without really knowing them.
y.yellow.face of asian eating rice.story about the food program and how Obama is restructuring it.change we can believe in.he is doing it.President Bush started it. The change is coming regardless of Party.We do need to give people the food they need, and want, in a way that is still respectful and dignified, because one day our nation might be there, needing food. That is my fear. That one day the US will not be the big Chief, big Man on the island anymore, and he will try to cling on with the threat of using the Big stick.
x.xylophone.african playing the tones and again it explodes. in South Africa being the local big Chief, and using its stick to police the neighborhood.I have local contacts.I have local contacts in all the hotspots it seems.what is their take on the S. African situation? Was the army being used to protect a .comCorporation?
w.xyzStation.like yesterday's story about bringing Health care to a costly hotspot, today brings a lawyer to the clinic.Preventative law! How synergistic. I find it ironic that one lawyer couldn't understand the concept. Well, we don't have to understand. We just have to see if it gives results, and then the more difficult part, determining if the "good" result was directly caused by the method we implemented, or were they both are just correlative.

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