Monday, November 26, 2012


//via meadia points to a American majority who view using overwhelming force in war.
//the beast finds objectionable what overwhelming force would mean in the specific case of Gaza.
//the beast restates objection and finds a more articulate voice to the objection.
//Greg lays out what overwhelming force would mean in Gaza.
//the TAI rebuts that the original article was an attempt to understand a segment of America and not a recommendation of policy.

//It's admirable to broaden your scope of understanding and to find insight into different aspects of the American psyche. However, while relating a unique mind set within that psyche, it is incumbent upon the writer to also point out that application of that mind set to the current specific situation would be clear lunacy or a best bad policy.
A responsible writer must do this because a naive reader, such as myself, might conclude that the specific policy derived from this mind set is viable and not morally repugnant.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Hussman Funds
//market return/risk persistently low or lowest//

Asian Development Bank

//if you want erotica, best to hired professionals data miners. turquoise. cyan//