Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Traffic Report

2. traffic.report.NPR.6words.racial identity.GeorgeWashington III and his mixed race children.listen to the program and make the connections again to what I see with myself and being mixed and moving so much. And how I identify myself.

3. NPR.copper stealing.//isn't there a better way for people to live.eat.die?

4. NPR. German.the Center.how, just because I've lived in Germany, now I am an "expert" then. It seems they are the only ones who learned the lesson. And the old stream falls back in place. Germany was moving. The momentum still moves. the culture. the spririt.it was moving. 19th century. Now after two bad decisions. it is again moving.the center.

5. Cuban.blogger.same spirit of moving and joining of bring down walls. Forgetting these political expedients that are there for someone elses reasons. someone else are long old or still dead and the expedient is gone.

North Korea. the same thougthStream. the expedients are there, but the old have died. why is it still there? Is Korea like that abused child? Split personality? How do corporeal beings bring about the healing of this corporal being? Which corporation? .com .org .net .de .ch .jb3?

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