Sunday, August 4, 2019

Mike Wallace is Here (2019)

#note.//A free showing for Matt's movies with #2.

 #actor.//archival footage use to tell his story. Was this true investigative journalism, or journal-sensationalism


#note.// Bum introduced me to it. I binged it that weekend! (Ted's birthday, of T+Melody)
I've put it on my queue. It has been renewed for another season June 2019


Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

#note.//I think I started to binge watch it in 2018.
2019 saw recent season with Eddie Murphy.

#actor.//Jerry Seinfeld.
Went do the rabbit hole and found out Jerry's network is almost 1 billion dollars!

Toy Story 4 (2019)

Saw it over Chu Anh funeral weekend with #1nP, #2.
Lost toys are like Island of Misfit toys! Both are where kids don't want or need them anymore.
Are they toys like our parents? We grow up and then we leave them behind?

Bo Peep has shortness of breath when Woody finally decides to stay with her.


Woody=Tom Hanks
Bo Peep=Annie Potts