Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Traffic Report

z.zebra.too many striped images.not unique enough.must change more standing z.
y.yellow.flag with Che G. but connects to Hugo Chavez and his socialist programs.elections are in Venz.probably the socialist will win again. me as a DoD contractor.the laborers in Texas and housing the little dishonesty-Ariely's little cheats do have impact upon policy and entrenched routines that exploit the voiceless and strip the "holiness" out of the transaction.the MIT honor code oath that lessens little cheats.little cheats establishes routines that pervert the meaning of meritocracy.merit earned is based on cheapness of construction and not on honor of construction./no wonder the Japanese were/are so hell bent upon honor. It prevents the little cheats.
w.wxyz.economic report.not unique enough.I forget.need stronger trigger/device.
v.vector.spinning vector showing randomness.back to sports and the NCAA women's championship.the best against the best.was it random? Connecticut. dominated.The pushers on Louisville asked for the ball.shot over and over and missed.we forget them.survivor bias.they are the best.individually.and on a different day with a different person.a viral moment.they might have won but done over and over in the long term, with the same people I think U. Conn wins statistically.maybe. Meritocracy and randomness.
u.umbrella.public defenders are getting the budget cut too.We've structured the Republic on socialism of Christ, and transition times really test.ask us to follow it. What if we.USA weren't strong? If we didn't have enough money.budget crisis causes the market to pick public defenders.more costly and less skilled.would we curtail this covenant too.On the road to Jericho.We are at a weird point of deciding to help by the side of the road.more efficient and moral.we have an obligation.a liability.a debt.Are we still trying to restructure debt?!.obligation is newer, fancier vehicles under the aegis of "efficiency" but really we don't want to take up the debt because it involves responsibility, and why should I be responsible for someone.something that doesn't care about themselves.the poor.ill.incompetent, who isn't like me. who does things in a different way that I know for sure won't work.crazy.lazy.broken.ill.sick. It was so easy in the primordial past.just let Father take care of them.Death would come by age.tiger.random bolts from Zeus' anger.done. The Old.frail are regenerated to plants. Infants die.stillborn.reabsorbed.But now it's different.we are responsible. Who gets born. Who dies in Grace?

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