Sunday, April 14, 2013 of Evil

Let Evil = 666 (or any arbitrary number).

The square root of Evil is +/- 25.8069758011279.

Therefore, Evil results from multiplying (+25. * +25) | (-25. * -25.).

Let +woman = +25.807, -woman = -25.806, +man = +25.81, -man = -25.80, (or any arbitrary binary)

-woman * -man | +woman * +man | -woman * -woman | +woman * +woman |  -man * -man
= an approximation of evil.


-woman * +man | +woman * -man | -woman * +woman | +man * -man
= an approximation of -evil.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Traffic Report

z.zebra.too many striped images.not unique enough.must change more standing z.
y.yellow.flag with Che G. but connects to Hugo Chavez and his socialist programs.elections are in Venz.probably the socialist will win again. me as a DoD contractor.the laborers in Texas and housing the little dishonesty-Ariely's little cheats do have impact upon policy and entrenched routines that exploit the voiceless and strip the "holiness" out of the transaction.the MIT honor code oath that lessens little cheats.little cheats establishes routines that pervert the meaning of meritocracy.merit earned is based on cheapness of construction and not on honor of construction./no wonder the Japanese were/are so hell bent upon honor. It prevents the little cheats.
w.wxyz.economic report.not unique enough.I forget.need stronger trigger/device.
v.vector.spinning vector showing randomness.back to sports and the NCAA women's championship.the best against the best.was it random? Connecticut. dominated.The pushers on Louisville asked for the ball.shot over and over and missed.we forget them.survivor bias.they are the best.individually.and on a different day with a different person.a viral moment.they might have won but done over and over in the long term, with the same people I think U. Conn wins statistically.maybe. Meritocracy and randomness.
u.umbrella.public defenders are getting the budget cut too.We've structured the Republic on socialism of Christ, and transition times really test.ask us to follow it. What if we.USA weren't strong? If we didn't have enough money.budget crisis causes the market to pick public defenders.more costly and less skilled.would we curtail this covenant too.On the road to Jericho.We are at a weird point of deciding to help by the side of the road.more efficient and moral.we have an obligation.a liability.a debt.Are we still trying to restructure debt?!.obligation is newer, fancier vehicles under the aegis of "efficiency" but really we don't want to take up the debt because it involves responsibility, and why should I be responsible for someone.something that doesn't care about themselves.the poor.ill.incompetent, who isn't like me. who does things in a different way that I know for sure won't work.crazy.lazy.broken.ill.sick. It was so easy in the primordial past.just let Father take care of them.Death would come by age.tiger.random bolts from Zeus' anger.done. The Old.frail are regenerated to plants. Infants die.stillborn.reabsorbed.But now it's different.we are responsible. Who gets born. Who dies in Grace?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Traffic Report

z.zebra.N Korea.guns on the horse again.we need to form a long-term working group to deal with the eventual reunification of korea.
y.yellow.flag of CIA worked there and formed after WWII.they are being trained as assassins again.the culture/routine gets entrenched and it is hard to change.CIA is information.Foreign information./tangent.curious how views on how we view us vs. them. They have less rights, even though "they" are human beings too.usually it breaks down to "they" always have less rights, are the poor "they" countries. "They" poor segment of our society.if you believe the Word.pick any holy Word.then the treatment of this segment reflects the whole./How does the superOrganism deal with a part of itself? excise and burn or cajoled back to health with ointments?
x.xylophone.the many colored bars like the technicolor of a 60's Austin Powers spy movie.again back to the spy's failure at its core mission.information gathering on foreign "corporations". / modern "corporations" also need CIA-type object?yes.they have them.what are their "killing" capabilities? ( voice.sports.NCAA final winner.the whole story reminds me how randomness someone gets/is given the ball if they are percieved as the viral is a model that works if the randomly selected person has the confidence.has the pusher.extrovert.give me the ball.and if I miss I will forget.get over.give me the ball.i shoot again./survivor bias.we forget the non-viral products.the ones who say give me the ball and miss.over and over.miss.because the defense was for whatever reason in sync that day to shut you down.It is all random when dealing with players who know how to play the game. AND we all know how to play the game.
v.vector.gun control again.has popular support.take main criticism.assualt rifle ban does nothing for gun violence.the real problem is hand guns.attenuating violence in city involves decreasing hand guns.but this is cuts close to the heart of the urban cowboy.his/her self identity.the one last place where e still thinks e has power.can still voice opposition with real solve the problem gun reality we must provide an alternative voice that has real power.real force.what is that alternate? a voice a viscerally strong as guns? Christ. I don't know.
u.umbrella.head within the umbrella... I've lost the thread. I seem to be able to only get u deep.Must practice.train.once it is learned by the nondeclared movements then the regurgitation with be automatically reflected.

Traffic Report

z.Zebra.guns on the zebra again.Obama the conspiracy and the 2nd amendment.many ways the government are gaining control yet this is the clarion call.more guns on the street will protect our stinks of conspiracy! How would a sinister leader try to subvert the masses.the MLK once spoke.maybe quoting.get the slaves to fight amongst is a distraction but it is an issue poeple can rally around.something discrete.something that feels like they can influence.thru NRA.they do.gun manufactures fear the's not a conspiracy but it makes for a good short story along conspiracy! people would love to read the narrative.policy and the lines blur.hollywood is too "liberal", so we make another marketing tool.a conservative Hollywood.policy driven by fiction.narratives.and weak points where we sense we can have a stop things moving too fast or to speed things along, make changes that are longover stop chronic stoping.talking.making things to push fast in spinning circles.the senses are right, but the circle is wrong.
y.yellow.discrete packets like a cyborg football black blocks beneath the eyes.on blond,yellow haired girl.arousal.interlace with don't loan cost.the discrete digital way of listening now. new hearing aids. bluetooth. for 1000-3000$ I might get one! Use it with my own code.or someone will write an the ear;how mic-ing people improved hearing:what about open source area?public places where is open.I can enter and sample.listen to conversations.look at people.location remotely or actively at this an Art project? Open Spaces.mic-ing taping everyone.Opening the media.letting the hackers play with the data.images.voices.

Traffic Report

traffic report.NPR.
z.zebra.Roger Ebert is sitting with the zebra in a lab coat, reviewing movies. Why? The story was a tribute to him.died yesterday.He fought cancer for 10y!
y.yellow.rag of a gang member.the death of a detective.interview room.somehow the murder suspect got the gun and shot both.a lovers quarrel.murder.suicide.If the gun wasn't suicide.aggregate gun supply correlate and is causative of gun violence.
x.xylophone.playing on dollar the economic stagnation continues the rising student debt is approaching the mortgage debt.they/we are following the times of transition.go back to school.retrain for the next generation.iteration of the economy.take the risk.pick the field.if you choice wrong then no money.but the choices are bad.they are set by the economy too.and it is dysfunctional.the objectives are not clearly define.//to make money for<(red.plutocrats.bookStream).method is more of the same? running on the hamster wheel faster? I don't want to be on a hamster well. I want to go somewhere even if it is a circle.>push.artProject.code.drawCircle.//center is not center but on circumference.all circles intersect at this center.changing colors.different circle-center location.fix circumference-center location.decay.make.garbage does it translate into Volume? 3-D spheres?//
w.wxyz.Baltimore voice and the! He won the prize, a trip to Disneyland.but the company went he didn't go. We are asking young people to do this.Invest the prize.have fun.because the prize is illusion and corporation have lifetimes too.
v.vector.the vector directional arrow is bent into a handcuff.minority brain research. impulsivity correlates with future probability of probably is a good indicator of creativity too!
u.umbrella.shields from the falling rain.which isn't falling and the water rights are owned by municipality. the farmers won't get any to grow. Samurai.//the farmer wants to be a soldier.// the farms become McMansions and megaFarms stabilizes the food supply. permaCulture is one diversity sprout. may or may not work. but the key is diversity. You never know what God will throw at you. You need many different ways to run in the hamster wheel types. Pacing differently. And the anarchist always fucking with the program. Breaking the wheel. making you get off the wheel and explore the cage. Maybe there is more fun things to run in, other wheels. Maybe there is something outside the cage.we make ourselves into scared chickens afraid to leave the coop, reinforcing a nature behavior in an "unnatural" environment. for HP. they are changing the head.but not really.executivesLeaders have traditionally tried to insulate themselves from retribution. They're decisions/direction is useless in the long term. Left or right turn in the journey for the tribe doesn't really matter, but we push the responsibility to the leader. He makes the arbitrary decision because he really only knows the local map but when we forced out of Eden? We go left. We find oasis. He gets windfall.we get water. We go right. The tribe dies. In Eden, on Earth, with corporate America, we are just turning inside an oasis. Every decision is "correct" the leader always gets a windfall. Bad decisions only reflect water quality. If we think the water taste bad, we blame the leader for his arbitrary decision. and we arbitrarily kill him. So he protects his interest. justifying his decision to the real thrower, God. Interrupts and exceptions.throwing.

Traffic Report

traffic report.NPR.WXYZ station.
z.zebra.women hanging to bottom of the z trying to exchange.story about women giving letterhead envelope with address of her old home.lost.foreclosed. We hear her voice and feel the lost.hope and understand the risk she was taking without really knowing them.
y.yellow.face of asian eating rice.story about the food program and how Obama is restructuring it.change we can believe in.he is doing it.President Bush started it. The change is coming regardless of Party.We do need to give people the food they need, and want, in a way that is still respectful and dignified, because one day our nation might be there, needing food. That is my fear. That one day the US will not be the big Chief, big Man on the island anymore, and he will try to cling on with the threat of using the Big stick.
x.xylophone.african playing the tones and again it explodes. in South Africa being the local big Chief, and using its stick to police the neighborhood.I have local contacts.I have local contacts in all the hotspots it seems.what is their take on the S. African situation? Was the army being used to protect a .comCorporation? yesterday's story about bringing Health care to a costly hotspot, today brings a lawyer to the clinic.Preventative law! How synergistic. I find it ironic that one lawyer couldn't understand the concept. Well, we don't have to understand. We just have to see if it gives results, and then the more difficult part, determining if the "good" result was directly caused by the method we implemented, or were they both are just correlative.

Traffic Report

traffic report.NPR.WXYZ station.
z.zebra.sitting on with gun.
y.yellow.angela Merkels yellow hair.
x.xylophone.each percussion is a note that explodes a bomb forgotten under Berlin.Germany.
w.wxzy station mnemonics
v.vector.array of spots in emergency care.cost. still needed trust and marketing.pushing.before residents started using the service.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Traffic Report

2. identity.GeorgeWashington III and his mixed race children.listen to the program and make the connections again to what I see with myself and being mixed and moving so much. And how I identify myself.

3. NPR.copper stealing.//isn't there a better way for people to

4. NPR. German.the, just because I've lived in Germany, now I am an "expert" then. It seems they are the only ones who learned the lesson. And the old stream falls back in place. Germany was moving. The momentum still moves. the culture. the was moving. 19th century. Now after two bad decisions. it is again moving.the center.

5. Cuban.blogger.same spirit of moving and joining of bring down walls. Forgetting these political expedients that are there for someone elses reasons. someone else are long old or still dead and the expedient is gone.

North Korea. the same thougthStream. the expedients are there, but the old have died. why is it still there? Is Korea like that abused child? Split personality? How do corporeal beings bring about the healing of this corporal being? Which corporation? .com .org .net .de .ch .jb3?