Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Traffic Report

traffic report.NPR.
z.zebra.Roger Ebert is sitting with the zebra in a lab coat, reviewing movies. Why? The story was a tribute to him.died yesterday.He fought cancer for 10y!
y.yellow.rag of a gang member.the death of a detective.interview room.somehow the murder suspect got the gun and shot both.a lovers quarrel.murder.suicide.If the gun wasn't there.no murder.no suicide.aggregate gun supply correlate and is causative of gun violence.
x.xylophone.playing on dollar bills.as the economic stagnation continues the rising student debt is approaching the mortgage debt.they/we are following the advice.in times of transition.go back to school.retrain for the next generation.iteration of the economy.take the risk.pick the field.if you choice wrong then no money.but the choices are bad.they are set by the economy too.and it is dysfunctional.the objectives are not clearly define.//to make money for indiv.gov.com.org.de.net.corporations. community.family.china<(red.plutocrats.bookStream).method is more of the same? running on the hamster wheel faster? I don't want to be on a hamster well. I want to go somewhere even if it is a circle.>push.artProject.code.drawCircle.//center is not center but on circumference.all circles intersect at this center.changing colors.different circle-center location.fix circumference-center location.decay.make.garbage collection.how does it translate into Volume? 3-D spheres?//
w.wxyz.Baltimore voice and the yoyo.me! He won the prize, a trip to Disneyland.but the company went bankrupt.so he didn't go. We are asking young people to do this.Invest time.play games.seek the prize.have fun.because the prize is illusion and corporation have lifetimes too.
v.vector.the vector directional arrow is bent into a handcuff.minority report.how brain research. impulsivity correlates with future probability of crime.it probably is a good indicator of creativity too! interlace.push.blog.normall.monster.
u.umbrella.shields from the falling rain.which isn't falling and the water rights are owned by municipality. the farmers won't get any to grow. interlace.seven Samurai.//the farmer wants to be a soldier.// the farms become McMansions and megaFarms stabilizes the food supply. permaCulture is one diversity sprout. may or may not work. but the key is diversity. You never know what God will throw at you. You need many different ways to run in the hamster wheel.new wheel types. Pacing differently. And the anarchist always fucking with the program. Breaking the wheel. making you get off the wheel and explore the cage. Maybe there is more fun things to run in, other wheels. Maybe there is something outside the cage.we make ourselves into scared chickens afraid to leave the coop, reinforcing a nature behavior in an "unnatural" environment.
t.t-bone.Tom.my friend.works for HP. they are changing the head.but not really.executivesLeaders have traditionally tried to insulate themselves from retribution. They're decisions/direction is useless in the long term. Left or right turn in the journey for the tribe doesn't really matter, but we push the responsibility to the leader. He makes the arbitrary decision because he really only knows the local map but when we forced out of Eden? We go left. We find oasis. He gets windfall.we get water. We go right. The tribe dies. In Eden, on Earth, with corporate America, we are just turning inside an oasis. Every decision is "correct" the leader always gets a windfall. Bad decisions only reflect water quality. If we think the water taste bad, we blame the leader for his arbitrary decision. and we arbitrarily kill him. So he protects his interest. justifying his decision to the real thrower, God. Interrupts and exceptions.throwing.

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