Sunday, November 13, 2016

Joyeux Noel (Merry Christmas) 2006

20111113.This movie seeped into my stream again. I make the association because I've been think about the recent election and time of Chaos and it was recently Veterans day.

There is a reason why different military.state.brands don't allow their units to fraternize. It defeats the whole purpose of the game.war.

After WWI, the tribes and the brands still existed, and they still disagreed. Therefore, they had to play war games again. After WWII, the tribes and brands still existed; however, this time all tribes had exhausted themselves. Deep down, maybe they came to the realization that all the competition and fighting was to settle differences in policy.brand.ritual.traditions that are suppose to make the lives of not just their tribe, but of the one tribe, Homo sapien, better. The tribes and the brands all still exist today (Nazism still exist as a Brand, however disconnected it is from its 1920 roots).

Extant extremophile Achaea are not exactly the same as the primordial ones that gave rise to us, but they survive in small, restrictive niches. And they have the capability to repopulate the Earth Stack if a catastrophe resets the Stack to an earlier state that resembles their current niche.

As a cooperating, multi-unit organism, we have an innate perception fairness. Look at how the captive monkey rejects food because the other monkey is getting "better" more sugary food from the experimenter.

In the end, all the games and experiments are for the benefit of the People. The games are how different tribes of the Community make sure they are relevant and contributing and sharing properly within the entirety of humanity, an increasingly more complex multi-unit organism.

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