Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Traffic Report

z.Zebra.guns on the zebra again.Obama the conspiracy and the 2nd amendment.many ways the government are gaining control yet this is the clarion call.more guns on the street will protect our freedom.it stinks of conspiracy! How would a sinister leader try to subvert the masses.the slaves.as MLK once spoke.maybe quoting.get the slaves to fight amongst themselves.it is a distraction but it is an issue poeple can rally around.something discrete.something that feels like they can influence.thru NRA.they do.gun manufactures fear the NRA.it's not a conspiracy but it makes for a good short story along conspiracy! people would love to read the narrative.policy and fiction.how the lines blur.hollywood is too "liberal", so we make another marketing tool.a conservative Hollywood.policy driven by fiction.narratives.and weak points where we sense we can have a voice.to stop things moving too fast or to speed things along, make changes that are longover due.to stop chronic stoping.talking.making things to push fast in spinning circles.the senses are right, but the circle is wrong.
y.yellow.discrete packets like a cyborg football black blocks beneath the eyes.on blond,yellow haired girl.arousal.interlace with focus.attention.pay don't loan attention.it cost.the discrete digital way of listening now. new hearing aids. bluetooth. for 1000-3000$ I might get one! Use it with my own code.or someone will write an app.training the ear;how mic-ing people improved hearing:what about open source area?public places where video.audio.data is open.I can enter and sample.listen to conversations.look at people.location remotely or actively at location.is this an Art project? Open Spaces.mic-ing everyone.video taping everyone.Opening the media.letting the hackers play with the data.images.voices.

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