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//Infiltration easy. Psychological impact large. Reminds me of Vietcong infiltration. It is very difficult to stop. Pakistan has a real long-term problem, and the US is asking it to fight the long war. The US is asking Pakistan to fight the war that itself and the Soviet Union could not win.//
//Drone missiles and Pakistan blood//

Pakistan has faced growing US pressure to launch a major ground offensive in the nearby tribal region of North Waziristan, considered a haven for Islamist insurgents.
Islamabad has denied accusations that it is not doing enough to fight the Taliban in the north-west, pointing out that more than 2,400 of its soldiers have died fighting militants since 2002.
Pakistan supported the Taliban regime in Afghanistan from 1996-2001, but later became an ally of the US when it led an invasion in 2001.


//sectarian violence. again with the Christian vs Muslims. As MLK said, the most effective tool of the Pharaohs was to get the slaves fighting amongst themselves. Although not that simple, also tribal dynamics again. Our tribe vs. your tribe. And farmer vs nomadic//

Muslims are generally from the Hausa- or Fulani-speaking communities. They are often nomadic people who live from rearing animals or petty trade.

The mainly Christian Berom, Anaguta and Afisare groups have traditionally been farmers.

Some Christian farmers feel they are under threat, as Hausa-speaking Muslims come down from the north looking for pasture for their animals.



//China's exploitation of Africa's resources. Repeat of European exploitation//
//Capitalist bully, Communist bully, same same, but different. The african countries will get something out of it for sure, but is this the most efficient and productive was to do things? In the long, long, run?
While some Africans welcome the Chinese practice of separating politics from economics, others have expressed concern that Beijing's deepening involvement in the continent's development may worsen the level of corruption and the human rights and environmental issues there.

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On one side is incumbent Laurent Gbagbo, a Christian from the centre of the country who is considered a true citizen by his supporters. On the other is Alassane Ouattara, a Muslim from the north of the country whose supporters hail him as a champion of equality.