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//Iran preemptive smack! But as you can see, France and UK are not the biggest importers anyways//

(taken from BBC, which was taken from US EIA)
//sanctions.oil: threat+Iran.nuclear.destabilizing.middle-east;

The US said on Thursday Zhuhai Zhenrong was one of three international firms to be punished for dealing with Iran.

Later on Saturday, Beijing denounced Washington's decision to punish Zhuhai Zhenrong.
"Imposing sanctions on a Chinese company based on a domestic (US) law is totally unreasonable and does not conform to the spirit or content of the UN Security Council resolutions about the Iran nuclear issue," Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said.

 //doesn't China have veto power in UN Security Council resolutions? And Russia?

Washington has accused Zhuhai Zhenrong of being the largest supplier of refined petroleum products to Iran.
The US state department said the sanctions - preventing the firms from receiving US export licences, US Export Import Bank financing or any loans over $10m from US financial institutions - were part of efforts to persuade Iran to rein in its nuclear ambitions.

The sanctions on Iranian oil exports are of particular concern to China, which is under pressure to secure enough energy supplies to keep its economy going.
Iran is currently China's third largest supplier of oil, followed by Angola and Saudi Arabia.
 "If the oil producing nations on the Persian Gulf decide to substitute Iran's oil, then they will be held responsible for what happens," he added, in the Sharq newspaper's report.
 >query: what EXACTLY will happen? Iran currently does not have nuclear weapons...

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