Sunday, January 15, 2012

//new president.poverty.drug-trade driving violence.US cocaine use driving violence.US policy of stability without investments in infrastructure. Stability only to enable predatory nature of capitalism. Where is the trickle-down effect in Guatemala?
//US cocaine use.Mexican drug cartels.violence.Guatemala corridor.violence.Market forces are strong. Main driving force is US drug consumption.
>query: if we believe in capitalism, then how due we change DEMAND. We have been futilely fighting SUPPLY with not much effort in DEMAND.
>solution: NOT JAIL TIME but large fines! If caught using cocaine, then lean on pay, (ie a drug tax!)
>association query: why always this focus on SUPPLY side economics?

Guatemala has one of the highest murder rates in the world, with much of the violence blamed on criminal street gangs.
Its security forces have been battling against the rising influence of Mexico's powerful drugs cartels, who use it as a corridor for smuggling South American cocaine.
Mr Perez Molina, who leads the right-wing Patriotic Party, campaigned on a promise to restore security with an "iron fist" approach
//iron fist like Bashar? no. constitutional limit. If Molina is partially successful, will he try to change constitution so he can stay in power.
//irrational culture-of-personality: "only I can lead the country out of crisis"

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