Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Throne of the Crescent Moon

#author.Saladin Ahmed
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It started off good. The big, bad guy seemed interesting, but the ending kinda fizzled. I'm not sure you could do more unless the writer wrote a longer story and fleshed out the villain more.

Thanks Kindle for saving my 4 highlighted passages, and 2 notes:

Adoulla and his friends had dispatched enough fiendish creatures over the decades to make him suspect that the old threats were starting to regain a foothold on God’s great earth.
Read more at location 260
Note: evil.dark lord returns to the Land.

Instead of a blissful marriage, he had monstrosities on his mind and a pile of “should haves” pressing down upon his soul.
Read more at location 387
Note: And what if you forsake blissful marriage to fight monsters to find none. Would you be great or fiendish enough to create your own ghuls?

I've got a good twenty years left in this world if God wills it. Thousands of days, thousands of nights. I'm not going to spend them all alone. I’m not.
Read more at location 2514

“O believer! When you meet a man on the road, know that God, who makes broken things whole, has cobbled your kindest fates together,”
Read more at location 3345

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