Friday, June 26, 2015

Soft Apocalypse

#author.Will McIntosh

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The interesting SciFi is Doctor Happy virus and enforced homogeneity!

The bamboo is interesting, but biologically improbably, like The Invasion from Outer Space from We Others by Steven Millhauser

Homogeneity of a community probably correlates with and is causation for less member-on-member violence within the community circle.

It makes me think along this line of thought.

The Military's goal is to eliminate people outside the circle (outside our tribe). We want to engage, escalate, and then use our superior force and mobility to neutralize (kill) people outside the circle.

The Police's goal is to protect members from other members within the community circle. Therefore, when we engage, we should deescalate the situation by using our superior force and mobility so that we don't have to neutralize people within our circle, who are by definition, us.

Just two memorable quotes (thanks Kindle):
I missed them to my bones. I had no proof now, that I had a past, that I’d once been a child. I never would have guessed it would hurt so much to lose them.
Read more at location 1692

when the world was running down, make the best of what’s still around.
Read more at location 2168

The last quote I couldn't remember where I heard it before. Eventually, I found the memory with Google. It's a Police song.

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