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It also makes me try to find a connection in the noise:
Hanna was also the women for Der Vorleser. with book.

Typical Hollywood-ish, young boy fantasy, comic book girl assassin movie.

These super assassin-soldier character obviously can't exist in real life. What is the mechanism of control after creation? Historical ninja and extant Special Forces all exist within a Military Brand. This Brand is usually tightly linked with the Government Brand. Both are hierarchical and fairly rigid. They have systematic methods of indoctrination. We must become an acolyte in the believe system in order to be taught the special methods.rituals practice by the Brand!

There has to be a differentiation process, changing the pluripotent citizen into the highly specialized unit within efficient Brand belief system.

Oh. The movie. It start interestingly with a standard snowy, isolated training site, but after she comes back to our Community, which happens to be a seedy looking Berlin. The movies tries to make the city a little darker, but it really doesn't work. Berlin is too clean these days.

Saoirse Ronanas Hannah the girl assassin.

Cate Blanchett as Marissa Wiegler the nemesis. I didn't even noticed it was her, the elf queen, but those eyes did look familiar.

#backpropagate.//assassin with good heart narrative
Jason Bourne.Bourne Identity.Supremcy<create>.Ultimatum<create>.Legacy
Ah Jong.The Killer
Gon.No Tears for the Dead
Léon.The Professional

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