Thursday, August 2, 2012

Journal: December 1986

Wow. 1986. I would have been 17 years old. As the years rush by, more and more readers will not have been born yet. Are you in my cohort? Can you relate to my memories? Signature...

Day 1

Stochastic today is good
reason to start counting one,
two, three, thee, and me as should
be, we children of the fun.
Can I tell you a secret
whispering in future meet?

Vicini once said to go
back to the beginning when
bow breaks on river low
Waiting there for a friend
who randomly is born
on beating electric storm.

Here are the actual copied entries. They were written on paper!!!

4-December-1986, 7:03
Sorry, I didn't write last night but I just fell asleep when I was reading my biology book, Keaton not Curtis for Mrs. Cohen. I didn't ask K---- because she didn't get to school until 2nd period and then all day I couldn't find the right moment. Anyway, I'll try today.

4-Dec., 11:26
I got a date to the winter dance. Now my only worry is to get 18 dollars for the ticket and maybe 30-40 more for dinner. There was also tennis try-outs. Not many excellent players. That's all folks, and got a Biology test tomorrow in Biology, English test too, and I still haven't done my Calculus homework.  Boy I'm going to be up for a long time.

9-Dec., 7:05
Sorry for the delay but nothings been happening except that my car broke down. Now I have to go to school with mom. The winter dance is 3 days away and I know now, no tucks. I hope my sister can borrow something from J----. K----'s going to wear all white that means I want something in black, naturally. I also have to get her a corsage and pay for dinner. Thats a lot of money but I'll find a way, I always do.

I apologize to myself often, don't I? I read like any typical teenage blogs now-a-day, doesn't it? Yet there wasn't even a sky to look for clouds yet!

Do teenagers even blog anymore? They SnapChat and post Vines, to micro-Tumblr, or Pinterest.

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